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What's in the BRICS & WES name?

Commitment, Understanding, Accountability


BRICS & WES's founder spent over 14 years working to improve conditions of underrepresented people in Florida, Massachusetts, and Louisiana. The work he performed deepened his understanding of the complexities of the challenges underrepresented people involved with the courts face, and how these challenges can best be met.


The BRICS & WES name emerged after arranging the first and last letters of former clients' names as an ode to them.   


BRICS & WES believes that everyone deserves knowledgeable and skilled people working for them. BRICS & WES also believes that everyone should have affordable access to legal representation, investigation, conciliation services, and team resources regardless of economic circumstances.

We are a socially responsible, low profit civil and criminal defense law investigative, and pre-litigation dispute resolution office located in the beautiful crescent city of New Orleans. Our mission is to provide expertise in civil and criminal defense law investigation, social justice priorities, mediation, and case resources to organizations or persons  involved in the criminal and civil courts, or simply needing investigation and mediation services.
Our primary purpose is to provide an affordable approach to private investigations, analysis, and mediations.
We consider ourselves truth seekers and provide our services to individuals, law offices, nonprofit organizations or governmental entities. 
We will never compromise our character, principles, and code of ethics.  
About Brics & Wes
Eighty percent of defendants in Louisiana cannot afford a lawyer, let alone an investigator and other case resources.  Brics & Wes believes that you should have access to fulltime investigation services and case resources.
We offer an affordable approach to investigation:
  • Criminal Defense Investigation
  • Post Conviction Investigation
  • Civil Rights Violation
  • Family Law Investigation
Civil disputes such as child custody, visitation, and child support, place an overwhelmingly strain on civil court dockets. Judges look favorably on parties who have made every effort to resolve conflicts, when possible, prior to filling a civil suit. The cost of litigating disputes can be bur some.  You can gain the peace of mind you deserve through our affordable pre-litigation conciliation (mediation) services. 
We offer an affordable approach to conciliation:
  • Divoice,Child Custody, and Visitation Mediation
  • Family Disputes Mediation
  • Small Business Disputes Mediation
  • Landlord Tenants Disputes Mediation
  • Workplace Disputes Mediation
  • Foreclosure Mediation
  • Civil Rights Mediation
  • Public Policy Mediation


Special Project/Public Policy Mediation​

This is a process that aids in resolving public issue disputes. It creates a space for everyone involved to meet with an  nonjudgmental mediator(s) to talk through the many perspectves and areas of expertise, be heard by each other, discuss public domain issues where resolution appears untenable, and work toward resolution.  One important area of public policy mediation is the stakeholders participate in the creation and drafting of ground rules and mechanisms of the mediation to address the issue at hand. Mediation offer a safe environment for representative stakeholders to meet and dialogue.


"A wide range of political dispute tends to spill over into public protests, court challenges and other areas of conflict.  By using a well moderated and well mediated community involvement process it is often possible to resolve some of the elements that create the dispute, and to create a resolution with a history that will withstand judicial scrutiny and that will fully solicit the support of the political and policy making processes."Public Policy Mediation -- Mediating Community Issues (

Why we exist:
  • We want our clients to have immediate access to investigators, attorneys, mediators, and other case resources.
  • We want our clients experiencing disputes to mediate conflicts prior to litigating and  spending larg legal fees. 
  • We want our clients to receive the most cost effective results.
  • We believe our clients should have access to top quality services and    achieve the case bottom line.
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