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Albert "Al" Grandoit
 Chief Investigator, Capital Mitigation Specialist, Cross-Cultural Expert, Mediator 

Albert "Al" Grandoit is the Director, Chief Investigator, capital mitigation specialist, cross-cultural expert, investigative expert, mediator, public policy mediator, negotiator, host, content creator, and Haiti Commentator focused on history, culture, religion, policy, politics, activism, and current events. He worked with the Louisiana Capital Assistance Center, a non-profit law firm representing indigent defendants in capital cases as a mitigation specialist/investigator. Al has led fact investigation, capital mitigation, and social media investigation trainings. Al is previously with Florida’s Department of Children and Family and Office of the Attorney General, and The Children's Trust Urban Neighborhood Healthy Families Program with at-risk youth and families. Al served on the Independent Police Monitor committee developing the New Orleans Community Mediation/Police Mediation Project and recently served as Interim Executive Director of Community Mediation Services. Al is a graduate of the University of South Florida with a degree in Political Science and minor in Public Administration, later pursuing his Master of Liberal Arts in Government at Harvard University. While in Massachusetts, Al received mediation training at Mediation Works, Inc. and trained as a community court mediator. Al has mediated public policy, small claims, family disputes/CINS (parent and child disputes), summary process, landlord-tenant cases, and has co-conducted family divorce & participated in juvenile co-mediator training and restorative justice training. Al Grandoit also contracts as a mitigation investigator and fact investigator for legal teams representing indigent persons facing capital crimes. 

Shelia Goldston is a licensed private investigator specializing in workers comp fraud investigation and child custody and infidelity investigations. She has spent the last year focusing entirely on workers comp fraud investigation.  She has more than five years of Administrative Assistance, traumatic brain injury care manager, and certified in basic life support, OC pepper spray, and CPR. Her experiences spans working with Tulane Hospital, Touro Infirmary, and organizations such as Arc of Greater New Orleans, Volunteer of America, New Orleans, and Orleans Parish Sherriff Office as facility monitoring clerk. She holds an associate degree in Criminal Justice and currently pursuing bachelor’s in Child Development and Family Studies at Southern University New Orleans.  

Shelia Goldston


Valerie Lynn Hanna
Attorney and Investigator

Valerie Hanna brings an informed global approach to investigations having studied in Montreal, PQ., and practiced law in Canada, and the state of California. Valerie has successfully passed bar exams in Ontario, Canada, England and Wales and California.  Years of academic training from top notable schools including McGill University are the foundations for creative, and inventive approaches to problem solving and accessing information critical to your case. Valerie has developed a fine tuned sensitivity to the facts critical to a successful defense or in the alternative those required to satisfy either a civil or criminal threshold of proof.  Valerie continues to maintain her attorney status with an active license in California.  If you are looking for professional, informed, investigations that leave no stone unturned, Valerie is your go to investigator, who not only knows how to "find" evidence in a practical context, but also knows what is important to find, from a legal perspective.

Amy Coello
 Research & Records Abstractor


Amy Coello has worked as a Growth Consultant and Marketing Consultant in the Foreign Exchange industry since 1998. She was a national director in growth and marketing. Amy founded and developed an offshore investigation and marketing firm in Tegucigalpa Honduras, with employees in Costa Rica, Philippines, India and Argentina.  She has trained and consulted many business owners in Central America, as well as the United States in growth strategy and marketing.  She has lived abroad three times, in the Netherlands and Central America.  Amy has a background in Intellectual Property Law and worked with Johnnie Cochran as a Senior Paralegal for his Personal Injury and Class Action Division. She also served as Lead Paralegal to the Intellectual Property Association President, Jerry Keys. Her education is in Foreign Relations. She has 20 years in legal investigation and 5 years in asset investigation. 

 In her spare time, she is a conference speaker and travels internationally teaching on Biblical Dream Interpretation, as well as, character and integrity training.  She teaches on common personal attributes successful business leaders possess and how those attributes help them turn intention into action

William Hicks. William attended Virginia Hampton University to pursue his bachelor’s in psychology. While attending Virginia Hampton University William worked with Black Campus Progressives to raise social awareness and assist people of New Orleans post Hurricane Katrina. William later transferred to Dillard University to double major in psychology/African World Studies.  While at Dillard University, William worked with Common Ground and ACORN and assisted with rebuilding residents’ homes and aiding the homeless.  William’s has worked to help reduce sweatshops.

William Hicks
Researcher & Record Abstracter

Diana Trimble
Researcher & Record Abstracter

Diana Trimble is a dual citizen, holding both UK and USA passports and has lived in England, France, and Germany in Europe; and California, New York, and Louisiana, in the United States, with tours, conferences, and other travels taking her to over a dozen other countries. She first began working as a legal secretary to fill gaps between jobs as a musician, theatre performer, and freelance writer while gaining an undergraduate degree from San Francisco State University in Creative Arts. While living in Los Angeles (with a musical group under contract to Atlantic Records) she worked in entertainment law, ultimately rising to assist the VP of Legal Affairs at Columbia Pictures/Sony Entertainment. An interest in drug-law reform became personal after being the victim of a set-up involving planted evidence by a landlord in Oakland, California. With the help of a great lawyer she prevailed and the case was dismissed, a victory which left her with a passion for righting wrongful convictions. It also prompted a return to England where she worked for SIMPOL, a global democracy organization which she represented at conferences in India, Puerto Rico, and Denmark. She has campaigned for numerous social justice causes for over 20 years and prides herself on altering a pre-formed opinion, if the facts don’t fit. She continues to write freelance and perform professionally in New Orleans, with research remaining her number-one passion, useful in all endeavors:  from music, to investigative journalism, to criminal justice.

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