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Our pre-litigation alternative dispute resolution, "ADR" offers individuals experiencing conflict a safe environment to talk and work toward achieving a mutually beneficial resolution outside the courtroom while avoiding lengthy legal fees. 
Mediation is voluntary and confidential. 
95% of cases going to mediations end in resolution. 
Mediation provides disputing parties the opportunity to discuss the conflict at the mediation table facilitated by a trained mediator. 
Mediation can also provide the parties the opportunity to discuss solutions and write an agreement, which can be filed with the court.
Our fee is affordable to everyone. 
Conflict Resolution Areas

Public policy mediation is a tool for solving disputes involving important public matters such as environmental disputes, land use policies, city planning and neighborhood matters, worker safety and construction, labor disputes, large scale community disputes, prison reform disputes, and other civil mediations. In fact, virtually every peace treaty that has been signed in the past century has come as a result of mediation. Mediation is  the alternative to expensive legal action. Both large corporations and individual private citizens can find benefit in the mediation process when it comes to conflicts arising from the development, implementation and enforcement of public policy.

Small claims, land lord & tenant, family disputes, work place disputes, divorce, child custody visitation, child support, and small business disputes, victim offender mediations, foreclosure mediations, and civil rights mediations.


Most insurance companies have an appraisal clause that requires that when a disagreement on the appraisal arises, disagreeing parties seek the assistance of an impartial umpire. 

Insurance companies and home owners do not always agree.

Mediate Repair Cost Disagreements.

Mediate Rebuild Cost Disagreements.  

        Business Negotiation
        Contract Negotiation
        Auto-Accident Insurance
        Claim Negotiation
        Debt Negotiation.
        Let us help you get to your bottom line.
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