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Child custody and Your family case?

Brics & Wes, L3C understands that the legal system can leave families in custody battles feeling as if the odds are simply stacked against them. However, our chief Investigator spent the early years in his career working as a child abuse investigator for Florida’s Department of Children and Families and Office of the Attorney General. He then transitioned to the Department’s protective services department. He is a trained and certified child abuse professional. He also has conducted trainings on child safety and deaths. He understands that children need an advocate, and so he utilizes his past experiences to help families when a custody investigation is warranted. Brics & Wes, L3C will work with you and your lawyer as part of your legal team to help you get the right evidence you need for your case.

With that said, Brics & Wes, L3C has successfully assisted families with their custody cases during times of divorce as well as during times a parent believes that the best interest of a child(ren) needs to be addressed to the court. When a parent reasonably believes that a child is at risk of neglect or has been left home alone or left in the care of an inappropriate caretaker(s), or simply at risk of harm, a private investigator in custody matters is an invisible asset. The investigator will conduct an initial intake and develop a plan based on the needs of the case. The investigation will consist of background checks on all persons of concern that will offer care to the child. In addition, surveillance of the person(s) and child(ren) will offer a clear picture as to the quality of supervision and care the minor child receives when in the care of the other parent or caregivers. The investigator will draft reports and testify at your custody hearing on his findings in the case.

Our investigative work in custody matters have led to court decisions reversing primary custody from a careless parent and award of primary custody to our clients. For a consultation on how we can help you with your case, call us at 504.264.1397.

We work with you as a team. Call Us Now.


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